Dr Coleen Jackson


Appointed to the Board - 1st September 2018

Professional Qualifications

  • Certificate of Education

  • Diploma of Education –Administration, Leadership and Management in Education

  • Diploma Theological Studies

  • BA Arts and Education (OU)

  • MA Curriculum Studies and Management

  • EdD International Educational Leadership

Professional and Voluntary Roles (past and present)

  • Secondary School Principal

  • Principal, Christian College of Higher Education

  • University Lecturer and Senior University Leader

  • External Examiner, University post graduate programmes

  • Consultant DFE International Department

  • Consultant for National College Teaching and Leadership

  • OFSTED Inspector

  • Chair and Director, Teach Beyond UK and Director, Teach Beyond Global

  • Director, Life in Abundance UK

  • Director CJ Solutions

  • Director International Leadership Associates

  • Chair, International Professional Development Association

  • Licensed Lay Minister


An experienced senior leader in education, Coleen has a background in schools, university and international consultancy. She has  an interest in education reform, leadership standards, designing and facilitating leadership programmes. Coleen has worked with central and local government as well as leadership teams at all levels in a consultancy capacity. Alongside her own consultancy Coleen has been a consultant with the National College for Teaching and Leadership, DFE, and is a Director of two Education Companies in the UK. She has published several articles, book chapters and presented at national and international conferences.

Coleen’s expertise in education includes financial management, curriculum design, research, governance and school improvement.

Coleen’s interests are wide and varied and include many sports but in particular golf, water colour painting, music, gardening and DIY. Recently Coleen has been licensed as a Lay Minister in the Anglican Church.