from the Chair
of the Trust

Transformation, Collaboration and growth in a dynamic world.


The strapline for our Trust encapsulates the work that we strive to do with all the schools within our care. We are looking for transformation in the ways that we learn and work for us as individuals and corporately. In our partnerships it is about how we collaborate together. Through transformation and collaboration, it will enable us all to positively approach our ever-changing dynamic world.


What is described above is how we have formed the governance of our Trust. Our members and trustees are at the core of our governance. They are or have been leading professionals in their working life and bring their expertise to the board and sub committees.  Each school within the Trust has a Local Advisory Body (LAB) that focuses on curriculum, learning, teaching and the whole range of student outcomes. This allows each school to work on what matters to them at a local level as we have ensured parental representation on each LAB.


The Chair of the Trust and the Chief Education Officer intend to work together with school Principals in an executive group. This group will ensure that we can work collaboratively, learning from each other and putting the best practice in place in our schools.


To support our Trust we network with a number of organisations who offer expert advice such as the National Governance Association, Browne Jacobson Solicitors, and the Local Authority of the school.


As volunteers  we are involved in schools because together we know we can make a difference, we have a passion for students of all abilities to be successful in their studies and their future, we want our staff to be fulfilled in their roles. If you wish to be a part of our Trust and want similar outcomes for the students and staff in your care please contact our CEO who would be delighted to set up a meeting to discuss your needs further.



Dr Coleen R Jackson

Chair of Trustees